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11 Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore Stay Fit Stay Active

11 Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore Stay Fit Stay Active


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Feeling tired or experiencing fatigue often can be down to many things, one of those being cancer.

The symptoms that have been mentioned so far are the most common signs of cancer but there are other things to look out for. This includes things like ...

4. A weird lump

10. Trouble swallowing food

5. Frequent fever

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8. A change in bladder or bowel habits

7. Persistent cough

6. Changes on the skin

3. Persistent pain

11 Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore – Stay Fit, Stay Active | Animazione | Pinterest | Stay active

9. Unexplained bleeding

noticeable-skin-changes_cancer symptoms women ignore

frequent-fevers-infection_cancer symptoms women ignore

Close up view of woman scratching her neck.

Your body goes through so many changes throughout the nine months of your pregnancy, but when symptoms start to creep up—a strange sensation in your belly, ...

2. Drastic and unexplained weight loss

difficulty-swallowing_cancer symptoms women ignore

testicular cancer

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chronic-coughing_cancer symptoms women ignore

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Pay attention to persistent fatigue that you can't easily explain. William Brawley/flickr

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6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore. By John Whyte, MD, MPH. Cervical cancer

lung cancer symptoms signs tumour

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9 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Shouldn't Ignore

12 cancer symptoms you should NOT ignore

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20 early warning signs of cancer

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In the United States, one out of eight women will develop breast cancer.

You soak through a pad or tampon in an hour or less, your period lasts longer than seven days, or both.

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Lung cancer warning: Why you should never ignore chest pain

The American Cancer Society claims that any persistent pain or ache in the body should be checked as a symptom of cancer, although all pains do not ...

Advanced testicular cancer: Shortness of breath

Five signs you might be experiencing a mental health problem

... in women that we almost learn to live with it. But if the bloating continues for a longer timespan, then it is something which should not be neglected.

Watch Out For These Warning Signs

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There are only a few true causes of blood clots, but there are many risk factors that raise your odds of getting one—including some that you can change.

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postmenopaural-bleeding_cancer symptoms women ignore

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Watch out for skin changes like scaling, excess pigmentation, bleeding or new mole formations. These can be symptoms of skin cancer.

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Men's Health Symptom No. 7: Dizziness

chronic-headaches_cancer symptoms women ignore

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Here are some of the traits that make you a good addition to any workplace.

11 Lifestyle diseases you should take seriously (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Brain fog

Asian woman using a pressurized cartridge inhaler extended pharynx, Bronchodilator catinsyrup/Shutterstock. You should expect to be ...

Changes in the lymph nodes

lung cancer symptoms signs tumour

thyroid issues prevalent in women

Spot Cancer Early - Manual for Men

Changes inside the mouth

Metastasis: When Cancer Spreads to Other Parts of the Body

stomach-pain-nausea_cancer symptoms women ignore

Cancer risk

Bloating causes: It could be ...

unexplained-weight-loss_cancer symptoms women ignore

7 Steps to take After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Gum disease symptoms: People should not ignore blood in their spit

Taking a regular brisk walk can help increase your fitness / posed by models. “

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Every day, millions of people swallow fish oil capsules, many of them lured by the promise that the pills will help them cast off heart disease.