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1918 flu epidemic my maternal grandmother died in the Sydney

1918 flu epidemic my maternal grandmother died in the Sydney


Nurse in the fall of 1918.

The 1918 influenza pandemic affected the whole world. Could it happen again? - Health - ABC News

Nurses care for victims of the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic outdoors amidst canvas tents in Massachusetts

Heavily masked and covered members of the Units of the Influenza Administration Committee in Sydney during

... wear masks to avoid the flu (influenza) epidemic. About 40 million people worldwide died as the virus spread with returning servicemen, from 1918-19.

1918: Children ready for school during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in Starke, Florida.

Note by original pinner: Azelica Bourgeois Cormier, my great grandmother. She died in 1918 during the influenza outbreak, shortly after the birth of her ...

A leaflet describing the onset and symptoms of "Spanish" influenza.

Picture: City of Sydney Archives Australian nurses (including hospital dog) wear masks to prevent spread of disease during 1918-19 influenza epidemic.

My Grandmother was pregnant with my Aunt when she contracted the Spanish Flu in a logging camp in Ontario .

Sydneysiders wear masks at Sydney Town Hall during the 1919 Spanish flu outbreak. Picture: City of Sydney Archives ...

Quarantine Station 1919 during the Influenza Epidemic

Nurses and doctors wear protective masks while vaccinating patients from Spanish influenza (flu) in London during the 1919 epidemic.

Nancy Keene Perkins (aka Nancy Trees & Nancy Lancaster) standing in In… Rebecca Trogner · 1918 Influenza Epidemic

working as flu doctors in Sydney, 1918. Photo credit: Australian War Memorial

Presentational grey line The Armistice Day celebrations in London in 1918

Public health authorities across Canada produced posters like this one from Alberta to inform people about the Spanish flu, the name given to the strain of ...

Members of the Red Cross Motor Corps, all wearing masks against the further spread of

Spanish Influenza Causes Death Here

Grandma Fearn and Mom, circa Grandma would die only 3 years later, age with more than other Americans, in the flu pandemic of

A woman suffering from flu

Lacking a reliable cure, public health groups concentrated on prevention

INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC: Chicago theatre poster, courtesy National Library of Medicine. The Spanish Flu epidemic killed half a million people in the U.

Oxo advert in a newspaper

Armistice Day in London in 1918 Photo: Getty

Mary Dubel Sadly died from a flu epidemic in 1918 at age 2

How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America

171 Deaths, 788 Influenza Cases

100 years ago, a new strain of the influenza virus was just starting to spread around the globe. It soon claimed more lives than World War I.

37 According to an article in the 29 May 1918 edition of the Evening Advocate,a daily newspaper published in St. John's, in late May 1918 a substantial ...

Annie Egan, a nurse who died in 1918 at the Sydney Quarantine Station, near Manly, after caring for a patient with Spanish flu.

Australia - whose winter occurs during the British summer - had one of its worst outbreaks

A MailOnline analysis shows that deaths in England will quadruple by the end of the month

No photo description available.

In particular, Mr Gates fears a Spanish flu-like epidemic similar to the one

Government officials already warn a potent outbreak of a mutated influenza strain poses a bigger threat

This map, based on figures from Public Health England, represents how often flu-

Gravesite of the Lianos family, Botany Cemetery, Sydney

Not the KKK but medical personnel in Sydney during the flu pandemic

The Human influenza A virus usually sees higher mortality rates for infants and the elderly, but the pandemic virus caused extensive deaths in people ages ...

Warehouses were converted to keep infected people quarantined (picture dated 1919)

James Eason Cook 1854 Kurrajong from Dundee to Sydney

Black Death Map

100 years later, why don't we commemorate the victims and heroes of '. Worldwide, the pneumonic influenza pandemic ...

He was also the maternal nephew of Dr. Percy Charlton, a test cricketer and later President of the St. Ives Cricket Club.

1918 Influenza Project Karori Cemetery

My maternal great grandfather Robert Eason Cook's family tree can be traced back to 1837 in Dundee Scotland.

More than 90 percent of the tribe's village was wiped out during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, ...

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Michael McSweeney Descendants Sept 2015

One of the letters

Wales will reach its flu epidemic threshold by next week, if current trends continue

Debate ...

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A black and white photo of a ship with a Spanish flu warning notice overlaid over

Report on Norman Andrews' death, as reported in the Surrey Mirror, 27 September 1918

... joint medical practice in Sydney and a suburban general medical practice, and founded both the Medical Women's Society of New South Wales and the Rachel ...

Madagascar plague

Medical 'breakthrough' may spell end of potentially toxic drugs in transplant recipients

Frederick Trump

Great Great Grandad Charles Dixon in India WW1 3a

My grandfather in 1960, surrounded by his eleven children

Edmond Rostand was born in 1868 in Marseille and wrote plays and poetry for 30 years before his death in 1918.

Bridget Conran (Condon) Death 1859

Cosmopolitan Oyster Parlour in Pitt St, owned by the Comino brothers - my grandmothers uncles

Charlie Chaplin in "Shoulder Arms" - 1918 ...

Hannah Mawdsley looking through letters

My Grandparents Agapi and George Lianos later in life - in1942.

John Vincent McSweeney 1916 Death cropped

"U.S. Immigration records. Line 133 mentions "Friedr. Trumpf", age 16, born in "Kallstadt", Germany".

A nurse at the Woodman Point Quarantine Station.

... daily temperature and the relative risk of death. Outside of an optimal temperature range, the mortality risk increases, not only in temperate latitudes ...

Grave of Sydney Nash, Cement House cemetery

Also out Nichols way, June Dawson's home was the scene of a fine Thanksgiving feast enjoyed by her mother, Oretha Ridgway, and Dwight, Lyndia, ...

[Extract from a news article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 27 April 1918.

Lianos family home on Kythera, built by my grandfather, George Lianos

[As reported in The Sydney Morning Herald 23 September 1918, p. 8.]

Peter McSweeney Death Cert 1872 cropped

... Sarah McSweeney 1895 Death cropped

... Mary Cook nee Condon Death 1896

Stories from the Sandstone: Quarantine Inscriptions from Australia's Immigrant Past

Sydney Robert Cookson. "

My Grandparents Agapi and George Lianos & their life story

Helena Blavatsky

My Rigg Line of Ascent

Join Te Papa on 10 November 2018 for a documentary screening and discussion marking the centenary of the 1918 flu outbreak – an epidemic that devastated New ...

Charles Dixon 1871-1918

Venomous encounters: Snakes, vivesection and scientific medicine in colonial Australia

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... Your Flag and My Flag; Dear General; Sir John and Lady Carson; Subjects: World War, 1914 - 1918; Collection: William Okell Holden Dodds fonds (SC345), ...


Dr Peter Hobbins

My Grandparents Agapi and George Lianos, early in their married life


Norm wrote on July 5th 1918;