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A flashback scene to when a young ShangKuan Cheng is given the

A flashback scene to when a young ShangKuan Cheng is given the


A flashback scene to when a young Shang-Kuan Cheng is given the commission of the documents to the "Twelve strikes of Pai Mei."

A flashback scene to when a young Shang-Kuan Cheng is given the commission of the documents to the "Twelve strikes of Pai Me…

Mark Lung Kuan Wu plays Yu Chang, the eldest student of master Shang Kuan Cheng. Lung would be able to showcase some of his skills in a small handful of ...

Lau Kong plays the sinister, self-serving Ko Pang. Lau had a smaller role in an earlier John Woo film "The Young Dragons" where he plays Fan Ming, ...

Jack Lung Sai Ga plays Shang Kuan Cheng, an honorable martial arts master who travels

This was an absurd, over-the-top story about a young drug addict gigolo Roy (Johnrey Rivas) who answered an ad by a bizarre intersex artist Dion (OJ Bacor) ...

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

The gorgeous Nancy Yen Ju Ju plays Ming Chu, the daughter of Master Shang Kuan Cheng (Jack Lung).

Li I-Min plays Master Shang Kuan Cheng's last and best pupil Hsia Hsiao-

A nice black and white portrait of David Chiang Da Wei. Chiang's real American name is John. The name "David" was given to him by famed director Chang Cheh.

Chen Kuan Tai plays Master Jin Tien Yun in "The Master,"

Hua pi zhi: Yin yang fa wang Poster

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

Blu-ray: 'Dragon Inn' / 'Legend of the Mountain' – King Hu on Criterion and Kino

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

Chi Chu Chin plays the mercenary Chen Lang. Chen would later repent and help Chao

Kung Fu Yoga

Alan Chui Chung San as the sinister Ku I-Feng. Ku stole the last 3 moves of Pai Mei from the documents of Shang Kuan Cheng. As a result, Shang was unaware ...

"Five Venoms" director Chang Cheh.

Shang Kuan Chen handles his first opponent Sha (Fei Lung) quite easily. A challenge was brought to Shang to prove himself of the reputation of being the ...

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

Shang Kuan Cheng - Adam Prescott / Jahyu

"King Boxer" director Jeong Chang-hwa, credited as Chang Chang Ho.

Right off the top let me say that Polly Shang Kuan may be the best female fighter in Kung Fu cinema. If not the best, she's certainly in the top 5.

**NEW** Flashbacks Volume 2 - Mike Millrain

The Master (1980) stars Chen Kuan Tai, Yuen Tak, Wang Lung Wei

Blu-ray: A pair of 'Ringo's and 'A Fistful of Dynamite'

Chen Chih-hsiung

Nothing like an awkward scene of a 16 year trying to seduce a 40 year old man.

The Venom Mob, Chang Cheh, and a couple of extras.

Gou hun zhen duo ming quan Poster

Meanwhile, the vibrant choreography by Douglas Nierras certainly gave the huge production numbers involving the whole ensemble (imagine 50+ people dancing ...

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Adele wanted her performance of “Fastlove” during the George Michael tribute at Sunday's Grammy Awards to be perfect. So when it wasn't, ...

Mi quan san shi liu zhao Poster

The famous yellow training suit, Bruce Lee in Game of Death,

The grand finale was a glorious representation of the Philippine flag by the actors and dancers in their red, white and blue costumes.

There is no doubt that Ferrer can likewise pull off the challenge of playing Ah Tiong.)

SHAOLIN KUNG FU MYSTAGOGUE-1977-This crazy Kung-Fu period piece has lots of fights, violence, bad dubbing and nutty costumes crammed into this story with ...

The Assassin (movie) \martial arts film The Assassin is loosely based on the

Too bad for me the actual statue fighting happens for less than a few seconds, and is just a flashback and an immobile statue.

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Kung Fu Yoga

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Gina Rodriguez , 32, was one of the many presenters at the Grammys on Sunday night, February 12, in Los Angeles, California. However, few of the stunning ...

Blu-ray: 'Tierra,' 'Vacas,' 'Red Squirrel' – Three by Julio Medem

Shen nu

... Shawn Levy, David Linde, Aaron Ryder I, DANIEL BLAKE Rebecca O'Brien LA LA LAND Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Marc Platt *WINNER* MANCHESTER BY THE SEA ...

Sing Pei Pei (Polly Shang Kuan Lingfeng) – Sing Pei Pei is in search of the 18 jade arhats/Lohans that we stolen from her family, and the thief murdered her ...


Pastoral Hide and Seek

Too bad I missed his biggest role to date as Carlos which would really push his vocal and acting skills to the max.)

"The Ghostly Face" Theatrical Poster. “

Qin yong


"Two Films By Hong Sangsoo" Blu-ray Cover. “

Shen Haixiong


Montesa only had one solo song number but it packed a heavy punch. Gonzales played a sickly coughing mother character but with an ethereal voice (much like ...

The Shaolin Temple Jet Li, Chinese Movies, Drama Movies, Art Movies, Film

Watch a scene, VIDEO ...

All three pairs sing "Ewan" to close the first act, not knowing how their love stories would go.

... breathless mile-a-minute tirades about anything and everything, gratuitously peppered with the F word. On the other end, she made us feel her deep pain ...

FicValdivia 24

A distinct group of four singers,namely Roxy Aldiosa, Mikee Baskinas, Paula Paguio and Ian Hermogenes, were had funny moments as the friendly neighborhood ...

Chang Shan in 7 STEPS OF KUNG FU

... the Grammys tends to deliver some of the most uneven: Everything is either balls-to-the-wall camp or sedate black gowns, with very little in between.

THE HOUSEMAID-2010-A young girl becomes the new maid/nanny for a rich decedent couple with a small daughter. Along with having to put up with the stone ...

Two in the Shadow


A young husband's sexual fantasies frighten his new wife and cause her to seek advice from Carmilla, a descendent of Mircalla de Karnstein.

The Vampire Doll

36th Chamber director: the late Lau Kar Leung (center) with Lau Kar Fai

They get to act and sing in heavier dramatic scenes of persecution in the numbers "Ang Bagong Tsina" and "Kalimutan na ang Lumang Pag-ibig".

Kill your husband.

The original HK movie poster for "Last Hurrah for Chivalry." Those who viewed this film know full well that the poster is a spoiler for the ending.

The young Javier owned the stage with his innate swagger, comic timing, as well as his solid singing voice.

Kong bu fen zi


(0.12/34), 95

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson has said she's ready to start dating again following her split from fiancé Jake Roche - and she wants an American boyfriend.

The Whole Gang

... spent years in solitude (after he "got sick through too much exercise"!) perfecting his "lightening strike". He also has a strange weapon, "the flying ...

A chief police inspector investigates the disappearance of a 25-year-old, mentally retarded woman, the daughter of a lonely widower.

Les trois couronnes du matelot

Korean revenge thriller 'Seven Years of Night' hits the U.S.

Green Snake

"The Rookies" Teaser Poster. “


Blu-ray: Mario Bava's 'Kill, Baby… Kill!'

... favorite songs in the entire show, entitled "Patawad". Her voice possessed a childlike quality which made her perfect for her small yet important role.

The Bad Sleep Well

Xin jing wu men 1991

In 1986, a Chinese professor related to Ms. Rebecca Shangkuan Chuaunsu his personal love story. The poignant drama of his story stuck with her from that ...


What the Butler Saw

From left: Li I-Min as Siu Ying, Jack Lung Sai Ga as Shang Kuan Chen and Mark Lung Kwan Wu as Yung Chang.