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Aww poor Sailor Usagi This is me when I dont have enough money for

Aww poor Sailor Usagi This is me when I dont have enough money for


Aww poor Sailor Usagi. This is me when I don't have enough money


Usagi-chan is well-named.

Rei Hino: Don't cry about every little thing! to Usagi Tsukino

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Get your shit together Usagi! it's been 20 years and you still can't figure out how to use a computer?? 😂😂😂😂


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The Many Faces of Serena; all of which I have sported!

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Sailor Moon - This speaks to me on a very spiritual level

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A flyer for the new Sailor Moon key chains listed some other upcoming Sailor Moon related dates. This flyer states that the show is currently in production

Tea sailor moon

Usagi on the picnic

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Sailor Moon ~~ Apparently the Scouts don't understand the rules for playing "Hide and Seek".

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Sailor Duo doesn't have a hard time snagging the heart—but, since (to their relief) it isn't a talisman, they let Usagi snatch it back and vanish into ...

Sailor Moon... Love this quote!

MoonSticks #49 Aren't I good enough? featuring the Seiya/Sailor Star

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Sailor Mercury fights back against Giwaku

I wish the episodes had magical portals so that I could travel into them •~•

Aww, it's okay Luna!

Eating Usagi Tsukino

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Winning love by daylight...never running from a real fight she is the one named Sailor Moon :) your damn right I sang that

Love is in the air again this week on Sailor Moon, as our gals consider what makes a kiss “special” and one young couple tries to clumsily convey how they ...

Usagi Tsukino vs. Natsumi Ginga

While my heart still aches from the losses of both Zoisite (ZOISIIIIITE!) and Mamoru, I have to admit the series has managed to move into its next arc ...

Okay, so I take back my earlier rant about how we'd have to wait 20 episodes to find out what's going on with Chibiusa. The creative team didn't string us ...

If you're behind, head back to our previous Sailor Moon newbie recaps!

…that there is an EVIL FACE in Zirconia's robes.

Sailor Moon SuperS Episode 09 - Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja

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This is the face of every authority figure who has ever stood in your way,

Yeah, this is my favourite angry face of the episode! Usagi looks dangerous

Haruka and Michiru in a car

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r/RPDRFanArtAyo sis it's me, Sailor Aja! And in the name of the moon imma whoop yo ass ...


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"Ehh Ive got nothing you havent seen before and Ill totally kick your ass once. “

"NO I dont want to give any more money to the Humane Society!"

Sailor Moon is such a great show. ( Btw you can watch the good dub on Hulu ~ ) moon < < < < I don't watch Sailor Moon but I like the way she ...

Aww Sailor Moon, I dont want to get creepy or anything, but you have

MoonSticks #45 No Longer A Planet featuring Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meiou, Chibiusa/

Lounging in the park, enjoying nature and youth and hiding from Ami and her textbooks, Usagi spots Mamoru giving a ride to another woman?! You cad!

Chibiusa dressed for art class. ◊; The So Bad ...


Never would have suspected her self-image was so powerful

Sailor Puns

This includes Sailor Moon inspired pieces. Prices range from $20 to $50 for the items selected below.

Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Crystal

How the hell did you even get in there? And. “

Rei has lost half her blanket, Minako has lost all of her blanket, Usagi is halfway inside Minako's futon, and Ami is just peacefully resting without having ...

The solar system's bouncers. It's an exclusive club, you know

"Guys, look how hot I am in space. Kinda hard to breathe out. “

Not Princess Rubina: "Fighting is unfit for pretty girls! Let me take care of this." "You there! And you! Carry these girls' baggage for them!"

She is literally right there in front of the house! This is not me joking with you, this is the actual episode, the victim just starts following them around ...

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 38 - Viewing the eclipse

Like its companions in the Science Comics series, this book also goes beyond its main narrative to teach an important aspect of science.

I love how terrified they look at Sailor Mercury. That will make her feel better

Amazon.com: Kim Reaper Vol. 1: Grim Beginnings (9781620104552): Sarah Graley: Books

This is one of the most insultingly appropriate reactions to Usagi

I love how Sailor Moon can go from absurd filler to Action-Packed Story Hour at the drop of a hat. That's not sarcasm. I really do love it. Now let me just ...

Mistaken for an Imposter

8 Annoying Anime Character Types (That Will Make You Groan!)

Oh... my... god. This is perfect.

secondchildrenASL 16 1 Sailor Moon Christmas: Usagi x Mamoru by secondchildrenASL

"Goddamn it I HATE Sailor Moon. Why does she always get the OHKOs.

It's nice to see Rei let her guard down a little and show some kindness, and it's equally nice to see Usagi accept her “victory” so gracefully.

Usagi goes to enter Narumino in the contest, only to discover that they BOTH already registered—and that's the secret they were keeping from each other!

"Did... did you just compare me to Green Lantern? Because I. “

Malachite - Sailor Moon Crystal

image. “

We begin with Usagi showing us a flier for a Moon Princess Contest. Well. Thank God THAT'S not an obvious trap. Cheerfully oblivious, the girls all decide ...


Yeah, this was the fondest memory Chibi-Usa had for Usagi, apparently.


Usagi's on-going astonishment is mildly insulting, but oh-so funny

Hey, Usagi, you two aren't exclusive. She's allowed to play the

Hard to appreciate all the staggering natural beauty when your face is in the dirt