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Big Tree AdoEete ca 18501929 was a Kiowa warrior and chief

Big Tree AdoEete ca 18501929 was a Kiowa warrior and chief


Big Tree (Ado-Eete) (ca. 1850–1929) was a Kiowa warrior and chief who was active in the Indian Territory and Texas. He gained notoriety for his ...

BIG TREE (ca. 1850–1929). Big Tree (Ado-Eete), Kiowa warrior, chief, and cousin of Satanta, was born somewhere in the Kiowa domain at the time when ...

Big Tree (Ado-Eete) (ca. 1850–1929) was a Kiowa warrior and chief who was active in the Indian Territory and Texas. He … | native american culture life ...

Big Bear (The Son Of Satanta Or White Bear) - Kiowa - Ca 1870

Trial of Satanta and Big Tree

Tsa´l-au-te - this young Kiowa, whose name has the musical translation Cry-of-the-Wild-Goose, was the favorite son of Satanta. But although Satanta was ...

Lone Wolf, a Kiowa chief whose Indian name is usually written Guipago, was a leader among the militant minority of his tribe during the violent transition ...

A Kiowa war chief, Big Tree (Ado-eete), born 1850 somewhere

Satanta, Kiowa chief . Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Native American History, Native American


An old photograph of Red Feather - Sans Arc.

Big Bow (chief)

Satank or "Sitting Bear", 1870. Portrait by William S. Soule.

White Horse (Kiowa)

Kiowa Brave in War Dress

White Horse (chief)

This cabinet card of Frizzle Head, a Kiowa, was made in Indian Territory in

Chief White Man, Kiowa, 1898 Native American History, Native American Indians, Native

Joe Billie, Chief of the Big Jim Band Little Axe, Oklahoma (Little Axe Ledger)

Bah-che-pas (aka Root Digger) - Crow - circa 1885. Jean Jasinski · Native Chiefs + Warriors


Oiti - Shoshone. Jean Jasinski · Native Chiefs + Warriors · "

A superb portrait of Big Tree, Kiowa Chief. Photo: ca. 1870s.

One of James E. Taylor's drawings of the Medicine Lodge Council of the Peace Commission

Pin by Lou Voit on Tribal Sacred Hearts | Comanche indians, Comanche tribe, Native american images

Northern Cheyenne Warrior Spotted Wolf 1866 Native American Regalia, Native American Beauty, Native American

Daniel S. Mitchell | Pawnee Killer

The West's Greatest Chiefs Historical photos of some top head honchos who shared their power.

Navajo man – 1910

Cherokee Woman Native American Dress, Native American Women, Native American Photos, Native American

Kiowa. ca. 1890. Photo by G. A. Addison of Fort Sill,

Portrait of Chief Lone Wolf, a Kiowa, ca. 1890. W.L. Sawyers Indian

Chief Joseph, Nez Perces, from the American Indian Chiefs series (N2) for

Tau-Ankia (Sitting in the Saddle), Son of Lone Wolf, Kiowa

Big Bow, Kiowa war chief. 1885. Big Bow was hostile and defiant toward

Kiowa childs Native Child, Native American Children, Native American Pictures, Native American Tribes

Big Tree (war Chief) Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Big Tree (war Chief) At Popflock.com

Hand-colored platinum print photos of Oglala Sioux chiefs. top to Bone Necklace, Council Shout Left Hand Bear, Strikes With Nose, Chief.

Black Weasel (Apai-siksinam) b 1866-d 1944 | Son of Black

Wooden Lance (Apiatan), Kiowa Chief, by George W. Bretz, Fort

Big Mouth Spring (Blackfoot) Blackfoot Indian, Indian Tribes, Native American Tribes,


Indian Portraits NO Caption 1910 American Tobacco Giant Silk

Richard Aitson (born 1953) is a Kiowa-Kiowa Apache bead artist, curator

William Tecumseh Sherman

A 1735 portrait of Delaware chief Tiscohan American Indian Art, Native American History, Native

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Native American Indian 'Curley'

Pascal Poolaw

Kicking Bear was a Native American medicine man who was born Oglala Sioux, but became a sub-chief among the Minneconjou Sioux during the period known as the ...

Kiowa man Tsa'l-aute,( Grey Goose, Goose Cry, Cry

Osage Chief Black Dog - Shon-ton-ca-be 1876 ---

Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

Assiniboin Warrior

Dah-se - Kiowa - circa no location

Pangshong, the Longwa Warrior Photo by Sergio Carbajo — National Geographic Your Shot

Dosino ( daughter of Hummingbird) Kiowa circa 1890

Tonkawa scout for the U.S. Army at Fort Concho, Texas - circa 1875 on ArtStack #artist-3 #art ?

The Official Website of the Kiowa Tribal Princess and Princess Sorority: Photo Gallery

Lone Bear, Kiowa - 1868. Photo by Will Soule. Native American Children,

unknown maori chief unknown photographer #maoritattoosmen

Kicking Bird

Aung-ko-to-ye (aka Little Bow), the son of Zepko-Eete (aka Big Bow), and the husband of E-pay-bo - Kiowa - circa 1900

Black Horse (aka Tu-uh-ku-mah, 18??–c.1900, Cache, Oklahoma), was a Comanche war chief who was elevated to second chief in ...

The Cherokee Choctaw and Creek in me says....YEP!

Kicking Bird, was the high chief of the Kiowa. Kicking Bird participated in many

Uainuint Paiute Aiming a Rifle, Southwestern Utah by John Karl Hillers

Bull Chief

Little Raven (Arapaho leader)

Photo of Statue of John Ericsson in Battery Park, New York City, holding a

The Big Trees

The indigenous people live in clans of up to 80 members #nativeamericanculturelife

Edward Curtis Vintage 1907 Large Photogravure Pachilawa-Walapi Chief x

When Chief Powhatan died, he was succeeded by his brother Opechancanough. Unfortunately for the

Apache woman - no date

Kiowa Warrior - Son of Lone Wolf 1872

Geronimo - was a prominent leader of the Bedonkohe Apache who fought against Mexico and the United States for their expansion into Apache tribal lands for ...

Black Kettle

My great-great-great grandfather who was a marshal in Barber County Kansas.

Comanche Chief Quanah Parker Native American Photos, Native American History, Native American Indians,

Plenty Coups | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Native American Images, Native American Beauty,

Eyes to the stage pilgrim...: Photo

Gall - chief of the Hunkpapa - fought at Little Bighorn Indian Tribes, Native Indian

S. W. T. Lanham

Kiowa Boy CDV - W.P. Bliss, Fort Sill, Indian Territory Native American Children,

The Big Trees

Kiowa War Chief Big Bow aka Zepko-ette and Wife Indianer, Ureinwohner Amerikas,

Chief's Knoll - Many of the Chiefs of the southern plains tribes are buried here,

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Canku Tanka (aka Big Road), the husband of Kicked Down - Oglala -

Big Tree (war Chief) Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Big Tree (war Chief) At Popflock.com

Little Wolf and Dull Knife (Northern Cheyenne) chiefs who led the so-called Cheyenne Autumn breakout from Oklahoma back to their northern ranges.


Indian Child

Wichita man Nauteas-Kichai. Photographed 1898.

Native American Dress, Native American Pictures, Native American Tribes, American Indian Art,


Two Strike (Lakota leader)

John Smith, age 128-129. #nativeamericantribes