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Evolve Intro CinematicComputer Graphics Digital Art Community for

Evolve Intro CinematicComputer Graphics Digital Art Community for


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Evolve Intro CinematicComputer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio

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15 best portfolio websites for designers and artists

Computer graphics

57 Best Video Game Design Colleges. By


Creativity in the digital age: how has the internet affected the art world?

FRAMED* — A Revolutionary Platform For Digital Art project video thumbnail

Morphogenetic Creations computer-generated digital art exhibition by Andy Lomas, including animation, at the Watermans Arts Centre, west London, in 2016

Digital art

digital art better or worse

illustration of paper airplanes flying in air

Traditional Painting Vs. Digital Painting

Visitors at The Museum of Modern Art in front of Julie Mehretu, Empirical Construction,

Artist: Brian Pollett

A Reflection on Academic and Industry Partnerships in Business

Top 20 Most Essential Software for Artists and Designers

Screenshot of an early pixelated space invaders arcade game.

An installation at the intersection of digital art and conceptual art ( computers are programmed to generate flows of random images which nobody would see).

By Helga Morenoaccess_time 12 months ago chat_bubble_outline3

The Cave Automatic Virtual Environment at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Digital art ...

Susan Collins Tate in Space 2002


visitors in the La Halle space at Atelier des Lumières, Paris.

Visual arts

Hybrid arts

Desmond Paul Henry, Picture by Drawing Machine 1, c. 1960

It's a mixture of Japanese cartoons, Window 95 computer graphics, backgrounds of neon gradients, a sprinkling of Grecian busts, palm trees, dolphins, ...

We've receive a number of questions about Evolve from the community. This post will serve to answer said questions, and we'll be updating it as new ...

best animation schools in the us


ComputerGraphics2019 - Computer Graphics & Animation 2019

video game artist tutorial

Game jams are a great way to gain development experience and make contacts. Photograph: Keith Stuart

Figure 22

Graphics tablet


ComputerGraphics2019 - Computer Graphics & Animation 2019

ComputerGraphics2019 - Computer Graphics & Animation 2019

Paris's first digital art museum: all lit up at Atelier des Lumières | Travel | The Guardian

Arnie Katz, Joyce Worley-Katz, and Bill Kunkle form first video game magazine, Electronic Games

A free software Asteroids-like video game played on a vector monitor.

4 Must-Have Motion Graphic Design Applications

Interactive art

Digital art


A workstation of a digital artist can be a work of art itself. No need for creative mess!

New media art

best canada animation schools

The Continuum Art Medium.

digital painting corel painter

Overview of the Creative Design Process phases.

computer animation school degree guide · digital arts degree information

Alberto Cerriteño

The History of Battle Royale: From Mod to Worldwide Phenomenon | Digital Trends

A NASA scientist draws a computer graphic image on a screen with a light pen

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World of Warcraft comes on-line

We are seeing more and more how technology and modern systems are trickling over into pop culture, and why we should wholeheartedly and optimistically ...

Personal computers and console video games took a great graphical leap forward in the 2000s, becoming able to display graphics ...

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A computer generated image featuring a house, made in Blender.

Computer Graphics in Japan: An Interview with Yoichi Ochiai

Boundary Functions at the Tokyo Intercommunications Center, 1999.

A powerful 3D modeling, motion graphics, animation and painting platform, Cinema 4D comes with different tools that help artists come up with excellent 3D ...

75 best game design schools

Eve OnLine is released

So during the remainder of my semester and into the summer, I worked on finishing my first portfolio of work.

Video art

A general categorization of digital art.

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EverQuest is released

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Video Toaster is introduced by NewTek

Digital Revolution

Maya's Animation Evolution

Sonya Rapoport's interactive, computer-mediated participation performance Biorhythm, from 1981, is a data-oriented yet playful exploration of the human body ...

hybrid digital traditional painting embellishment