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GM Game Master Meetup PreGen Character Creation night Legends

GM Game Master Meetup PreGen Character Creation night Legends


GM - Game Master Meetup - PreGen Character Creation night - Legends of the Galaxy

D&D Encounters: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Episode 1: Session 1)


The Swallower of Souls

John Bender under ...


Byt was an older character of mine and one that has become a Legends of the Galaxy PreGen

Role-Playing Society of Monmouth County Meetup Group (West Long Branch, NJ) | Meetup

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Want to play an epic card game? As co-sponsor of Origins, White Wizard Games will be giving out a free copy of Epic Card Game to every attendee that stops ...

Everything You Need to Start Playing D&D Is Just $12 On Amazon | Utter Buzz!


A common objective screen from the phone game.

Otherworldly Incantations Dice For the Dice Gods

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Table of Contents Gaming Introducation/Schedule........................................................................... 4 Announcements MechCorps at ...

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Cover of Dresden: Your Story

Evan Evan

Combat Hacks for Minecraft Hardcover

On 11 Jan 2019, the r/malaysia Reddit RPG Meetup pulled off another packed

doctorwho: “A new era of Doctor Who is dawning… ” At first glance


David cosplayed as an anime character, ...

A Study in Contrasts

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The game packaged and ready to go. I love how heavy this box is.

Is it just me, or does the drow on the right (Valan Jaelre?) have super weird look on his face?

-Ronny's Combat Cheat Sheet

Past Events | Cincinnati Tabletop Gaming Society (Cincinnati, OH) | Meetup

I'm looking forward to continuing the ongoing games as I'm playing with really great people. We're currently in the dustbowl ...

Tom is back with another interview with Deborah Davitt, creator of the Edda Earth series. In this next installment, we discuss the second book of the series ...

... identities) meet with the guys from DarkMatter Inc to discuss their situation, and a plan is put together to get inside Somnambula Inc's headquarters, ...

All they do is pass information from the GM to the players (or vice versa). Because they have no conflict, ...

Ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

After walking players through the steps of creating a character, there is a section on XP, including how it is ...

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... an audiobook of the Eye of Argon, the standard bearer of bad fantasy fiction. I never finished it but because we are celebrating our tenth year of RPPR, ...

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Illustration by Vlada Hladkova

News: RPPR is changing things up for 2019! Listen to this episode for all the details but it includes:


Meet our partners — Ottawa Story Games and Games to Gather


Past Events | DC Metro Christian Dungeons & Dragons (Washington, DC) | Meetup

... of the corebook (chapters one through seven) are pretty much the same content in the Numenera Player's Guide; everything beyond is more GM-oriented ...

... experiences building a career, along with tons of advice on what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to trying to turn your passion for games into ...

Finally, when you're walking into a gaming space, and there are gaming stores and tables for up coming games, and game books everywhere... what does that ...

A9 – The Helm of Night


Detect Thoughts, Volume 1.3

The Northlands Saga Complete


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Danny Danny

New Year for the Heavy Metal GM

Pages and glowing letters flying out of a book

Stephanie Stephanie

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Similarly, in Starfinder Society Organized Play (SFS) you play a member of the

Grogmeet kicked off on the Friday afternoon with Grogfight, a multi-table, multi-system bar room brawl with dungeon crawl designed to have players jumping ...


Fantasy tavern by Eremav on DeviantArt

Il Bacaro Pane e Vino - cool place outside Bulgaria in Somewhere around the world


I've spent my week off going through the original Castle Ravenloft adventure module from

/tg/ - Traditional Games » Thread #39395218

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@Fandyputrasnjya @Fandyputrasnjya

Shadow Warrior: One of the best video games of 2013. Fun to play and a great story. Jamestown: War is hell. A bullet hell. Brightly colored bullets.


Another big release for me in 2018 has been Legend of the Five Rings 5th edition, from Fantasy Flight Games. I'd got into the hobby again when the 3rd ...

If I walk into a gaming space and it's all dudes behind the desk, odds are, there are a lot of dudes at the tables.

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Legends of the Galaxy

Creating Cool Sci-Fi Props for RPG Games

Here's a spoiler-free view of my draft of character choices:

The Road to Gen Con 2017

bertrand emerges

The Institution; Hemisphere Pub. download The Sound

D&D Thursday at @geniuzmaze in Shah Alam! GM @ian.adly actually took

for Ludibrium Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3

... bedtime-roleplaying Bedtime ...