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Hahappy um JUST HAPPY AND I LOVE YOU anime

Hahappy um JUST HAPPY AND I LOVE YOU anime


Tôi chỉ muốn làm cậu vui vẻ... Bởi vì cậu là lí do.... Mà tôi vui vẻ... | I'm hurt! | Sad anime quotes, Anime qoutes, Anime

... the most happy person can be the most saddest person" and thats me... im glad that i can share this with you guys... and i will see you guys later.

Anime:Tamako love story (c)owner Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes, Sad

I just wanted you to be happy. Even if it wasnt with me.

Anime Quotes About Love

He loves someone else TT^TT World's so cruel, right..? .....but I'm happy for them.. my best friend and him.. because I'll just endure it and ...

I'M SO HAPPY THAT MY SHIP IS THE FOCUS! and it's so refreshing

Sometimes you just need a friend. And I'm so damn happy that I have an amazing friend. So I made this. Especially for her. ~Sammie

After years of not editing anime, I finally did it! I'm so happy. Hope you like the edit because I love it!!!

That pair skating scene was so fucking beautiful!! You could clearly see in their eyes how much they love each other ~(QwQ)~ I'm just so, SO happy for them!

I'm not even that far yet, but I'm so so so happy. I just can even right now

This describes me watching or reading something new that I love. I'm happy


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25 Of The Best Anime Quotes About Depression You Should See

anime quotes about friendship

It is hard to be happy I get all the way that's way I try but I end up braking down in a river of tears and feel like screaming HELP ME!

I'm happy that kom is my boyfriend I'm happy that I'm his I'm happy that he is in my life I love you kom I really love you

A Beginner's Guide to Getting Hooked on Anime

It's like saying "As long as you're happy, I'm happy ^-^" but in reality you're not.

Kagome's Famous Quote Picture

I'm just mad how life had to be but yet happy cause I love you my heavenly queen.

Kuzu No Honkai is one of the most controversial anime shows ever to air, and its ending with Kanai-Sensi marrying Akane followed suit.

I'm so in love with you and you get off being a dick to me, I bet people love when you post how sad and broken you are, to bad it's all ...

I guess I just never letted anyone love me or care for. I'm just a girl living in a memory, looking for a dream to make me feel HAPPY.

I can't believe today is finally here I'm so happy my love happy one year anniversary I can't believe we have been together this long and I'm so happy you ...

Can't believe it's almost 3 years babe. I'm so happy I met you on this site! Thank you for being my rock and introducing awesome anime to me. I love you!

Perfect HAHA Anime: Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun Otaku Anime, Manga Anime, Otaku

Nightcore - let me die (Lyrics) [lil happy lil sad]

18 Emotional Anime That Will Make You Shed More Than A Few Tears

You make me happy. You have no idea how happy you make me. I'm selfish I'm really selfish because I love you.

I love NaruSaku! But you know I've Always been a SasuSaku Shipper The same with NaruHina! (: So i'm like Happy Not JUST HAPPY I'M HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!

And many many more from out chat :heart: :heart:

I'm sorry Rin I love u hubby I just didn't know it was the 2... At least Haru said happy b-day XD (who do u think should top lol :3)

Just finished the My Love Story manga & SUNA STAYS SINGLE, I'M SO HAPPY, MY BOY IS A-C-E & YOU CAN PRY THAT READING FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDSpic.twitter.com/ ...

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Yay~! My second drawing here in PW! Thank you so much for 100

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My precious little girl :relaxed: ☺

I'm just so ready for this to get my life back to my sister and my friend and my mom is the only one who can be a little more happy said ...

actually it just became to tiring to keep acting happy, to keep talking to you through text and with a voice that isn't mine...I love you ...

Chrono's Famous Quote Picture

Top 10 Anime Movies That Will Make You Cry

Beyond the usual movie and TV offerings available on Netflix, the streaming service also has a selection of anime ranging from mainstream staples like ...

Bloodbath: Why Do So Many Anime Characters Have Nosebleeds When They're Aroused? | SoraNews24

play_circle_filled - I'm happy fighting with you. I'm happy listening to your

i'm just happy to see you

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns is so beautiful and amazing and


Option 1: I'm genuinely happy and/or drunk. Option 2:

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Hi! My page is now a whole year old and I can't belive

I'm so happy you liked my Harry Potter AU! Sincerely I just freaking love Harry Potter so damn much so as BNHA, so merging both is just so ...

... such a goal as this ...but a huge thank you to @HaWXx_Is_Rippin for helping me reach this goal faster than I expected ily dadpic.twitter.com/t1FeBB7ZTw

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9 Essential Anime Films That Aren't From Studio Ghibli

Janelle Hanchett's memoir, I'm Just Happy To Be Here, chronicling her path through addiction and motherhood is not your average redemption story. If you are ...

1 I just really love you okie dokie! i'm happy! music playlists

I'm so happy! ♡ My first figure arrived and i just love her! *-* Okay well, she had arrived on Wednesday after i have ordered her on my Birthday XD

So perfect, you seriously wonder if she even poops. She's an unrealistically swan-like presence in a school full of more realistically ...

Nightcore - Baby I Love You ♥

週刊ヤングジャンプ人気No.1ラブコメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』TVアニメ化決定!最新情報はTVアニメ公式Twitter @anime_kaguya をフォロー& ...

50 Of The Best Motivational Anime Quotes You'll Love!

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Monkey D. Luffy Famous Quote Picture

Anime Quotes About Love

50 Of The Best Motivational Anime Quotes You'll Love!

I'm just kidding bonk, I wub you =3

Shiu💚 on Twitter: "They are from Love Live!!! Thank you, I'm so happy you like them!! 8//8… "

... of the manga weren't pleased with the anime adaptation but since I haven't read the manga I can't tell you anything about that – in fact, I was so happy ...

Mimi-wo-Sumaseba-Wallpaper-500x500 5 Romance Anime Movies for Lovers [

This is a character type who's usually smacked into the anime with all the subtlety of a bolt of lightning, and one of the most overplayed mass-produced ...

Just gotten to work now and it's 10pm to 8am, I'm gonna get

Manga Online: Love Hina - Volume 01 - Chapter 001 - Welcome to the Hinata Inn! - Page 23

25 Of The Best Anime Quotes About Depression You Should See

7 Asuna Yuuki Quotes From Sword Art Online That You Can Relate To

Your Lie in April

Bleeding nose

I just think that Sanji and Nami owning and tending to a mikan farm in the future would be really cute, and fitting for their characters.

photo_library 💀💛Albedo - Overlord 💛💀 SHE'S FINALLY DONE AND I'M SO HAPPY

... I'm so happy to see the Girlymatsus back (I have a soft spot for Choroko, and I love listening to Ichiko talk for some reason) #osomatsusan #おそ松 ...

Cen 🍁 on Twitter: "I absolutely love your art for ff15! Been following for a while and I'm just happy you got into this game. I'm obsessed ; O ;… "

I'M NOT DEAD!!!! I just have a high stress level

NINO MY PRECIOUS CHILD. #I'm so happy ...

Orange manga.jpg

7 Asuna Yuuki Quotes From Sword Art Online That You Can Relate To