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He is by far my favorite me humor t Humor and

He is by far my favorite me humor t Humor and


One of my favorite Far Side cartoons. Reminds me of my phlebotomist days! We had T-shirts with this on them!

You're, by far, my least favorite grandchild.

One of my all time favorite Gary Larson comics. I wish this sign was above all bathrooms!

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The Far Side by Gary Larson

Happy birthday to the funniest newspaper cartoonist of all time, Gary Larson. Share your favorite cartoons if you've got 'em

Math jokes

The Far Side (comic): What is the best Gary Larson The Far Side cartoon? - Quora

By far my favorite cartoon show growing up. The crooked humor sculpted me to be the man I am today! haha

"The Far Side" by Gary Larson.

Out of context quotes are the best kind | Humor | Pinterest | Funny, Humor and Hilarious

Do Women Fall For Pickup Lines Like These-Yes They Do

27 of the Best Mormon Memes From 2015 So Far - LDS S.M.I.L.E.. Mormon QuotesMormon HumorMormon ...

One of my favorite Far Side cartoons. I love the subtlety. Far Side Cartoons

best!!! fantasy insults are always my favorite :)))) < < The nerf-herder one is my favorite. :)

CPA Jokes

Sorta, except I had boys in my class who talked more then me, and

Doctors Are Sharing Their Stupidest And Funniest Patient Stories, And It's Hilarious

The Far Side: It's a known fact that the sheep that give us steel wool have no natural enemies.

the far side now we're going to play she loves me,she loves me not! My favorite...heh heh heh

One of my favorite Far Side cartoons. Reminds me of my phlebotomist days!

10 Rules for Dating my Daughter T-shirt - Abigail, my favorite is ".I don't mind going back to jail". Alicia McMahan · Humor

I sign songs for my mum since she's deaf. Her favorite by far is Bohemian… | Aww Moments | Funny, Lol, Funny photos

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Leon Edler illustration of a book on shelves with comic Groucho Marx spectacles and nose. '

Far and away my favorite moment from Batman Beyond. Batman Batman · Batman Robin; Batman Humor ...

'I fell out of bed laughing': writers on their favourite funny book | Books | The Guardian

Ehmygoodness I love that game! Daily Odd Compliments, Odd Daily Compliment, Compliment Jar

This is my favorite quote from the show.

Dnd humor

gg dest divorse letter Tumblr Funny, Funny Memes, Jokes, Daily Funny, Funny

My favorite, in color! Far

My favorite one so far haha so true for all of my friends!

The Far Side by Gary Larson

A tad ambitious... Funny ComicsFunniest ...

̗̀school is ew ̖́- School Humor, College Humor, College Life, School

Oh! Trust me, I DIDN'T UNDERRATE ANY OF THESE. They're like my favorite parts

New & Interesting Finds From Across Amazon

Bahaha my favorite scene in this movie by far! "But if I moved the loathing til 9, I would still have time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip ...

Algebra Humor, Math Jokes, Math Humor, Nerd

Far Side Cartoon My favorite one! ~ Reminds me of when my sister and her husband first raised chickens; there were some amusing incidents.

After watching the first 20 Ep of Attack On Titan almost all of my favorite characters are ether died, dying, missing, or a human/titan thing yep lot of fun ...

So far, my favorite description of the English language Laugh Out Loud, English Grammar

Haha He wasn't my favorite from the movie, but I did love him

The far side by Gary Larson Far Side Comics, Far Side Cartoons, The Far

Funny Humor Silly · you ever feel like this .. tee hee

At the blood bank, lol | Humor | Pinterest | Funny, Tumblr funny and Hilarious

Hilarious Text About Like vs. Cat

Disney Memes Do It Better hahah funny it relationships where you have to check someone's phone make me sad.

Ah yes the intense game of competitive lightbulb replacement is one of my favorites XD (aka ladder match)

Laughing Matters: Conversation on Humor

And all of the frustration. All of it.

It's no good, Dawson! We're being sucked in by the sun's gravitational

This is by far my favorite thing I've ever pinned. #awkwardpickuplines Tao

It's like he doesn't even hear them crying

T-Rex Trying is series by Hugh Murphy that's sure to give you a few giggles. “T-Rex Trying To Do a Cartwheel” is by far my favorite tho.

THE COMPLETE FAR SIDE's 5th Anniversary: An Appreciation in 10 Panels

100 best comedy movies of all time

I fall into the latter category far too often, but this reminds me to include

"The Far Side" by Gary Larson. Far Side Comics, Far Side Cartoons

How did this rumor start!? Sum Up

The Far Side by Gary Larson Gary Larson Comics, Gary Larson Cartoons, Far Side

38 Funny Thanksgiving Day Jokes and Comics

The Far Side by Gary Larson Far Side Comics, Far Side Cartoons, Gary Larson

I Love To Laugh, Make Me Smile, Parenting Humor, Someecards, Funny Memes

My favorite Far Side cartoon...ever! Loved this one for a long

Yahr a rebel Harry 😂. Jules George · Humor Me This

funny quotes from worlds funniest people wisdom

18 Things Thyroid Patients Can Do To Beat Insomnia

Top 10 Family Guy Jokes that Crossed the Line


Farside ~ Pilot Humor Gary Larson Far Side, Far Side Cartoons, Far Side Comics

While on my comic bender: My other favorite syndicated comic of all time is The Far Side. Gary Larson's creation spawned the world of absurdist comic humor.

The true meaning of friendship This is by far my favorite for the day. How are you all? Me-ok. going up to a nice 24c today and sunny,no humidity.

Inconvenience Stores - Gary Larson's The Far Side. This remains my all time favorite, when I first saw this I became a Gary Larson fan!

The best Twitter account by far…

Funny Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far | Parenting Humor | Pinterest | Funny parenting, Parenting humor and Humor

20 Wordplay Jokes For Grammar Nerds

Ahhh - one of my absolute favourites! - The Far Side by Gary Larson

Sometimes when it's this cold, this sounds like the best option. | Pass One

no chance to elaborate Far Side Comics, Far Side Cartoons, Gary Larson Far Side

Test Yourself: Psychologists Created a Quiz to Define Your Sense of Humor

25 of our favorite Funny Programming Memes That Only Real Computer Programmers Can Decode and understand -- but non-developers might laugh at too!

The best anime of 2018

"The Far Side" by Gary Larson. You Funny, Funny As Hell,

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You couldn't handle me even if l came with instructions. Lol. Short · Short Funny QuotesJokes ...

via-imdb.comWhat's your all-time favorite comedy? Having trouble picking just one? So did we! So we narrowed the field down to the top 100+ funneist movies ...

LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! This has been one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip for yearssss. Jennefer Spell · Today's Funniest

This is, BY FAR, my favorite!

"My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch.

31 humorous and sarcastic travel quotes

Totes McGotes Commercial - By far my favorite commercial ever

This is by far my absolute favorite show..ever.


Taking naps sounds so childish. I prefer to call them horizontal life pauses. Hahah reminds me of fat Amy and horizontal running :) Zyppah · Sleep Humor

hahahaha the "kill yourself" guy ♡ by far one of my favorite memes Funny