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How to Use Archetypes and Personas for Your Product

How to Use Archetypes and Personas for Your Product


If you need assistance getting started, check out what Mark Evans has to say in his blog post, “Without Buyer Personas, You're Operating Blind”.

User Persona Creator


How to create and use personas as part of a UX process

Archetypal Analysis: Segmenting on the Extremes

questions to ask during user persona interviews

Definition of persona (for UCD)

A to Z of example UX docs and deliverables

Personas – A Simple Introduction

A persona is a biography based on your product discovery process to describe the relevant characteristics, needs, and goals of the people who will be using ...

A persona from Pinterest

Personas are hypothetical archetypes of potential customers that aim at representing them throughout the design process. They are not real people or average ...

How to Develop User Personas

brand archetypes


How to Create Personas

Building Multiple User Personas to Segment Your Audience

The level of detail really depends on the product. A persona archetype is one of the best tools to leverage for product design as it summarises the ...

Next, imagine your product is human, and then select a specific archetype from the list below that best reflects the character you want to reflect (or ...

For more information about personas see:


product_research Personas ...

Engaging Personas. “

New information and new aspects may affect the descriptions. Sometimes you would need to rewrite the existing persona descriptions, add new personas, ...

... the amount of customer personas a founder creates to reduce distractions, stating that 3-5 is a good starting number. Regardless of how many archetypes ...

Finished with my #persona template! #ux #archetypes

Using the Persona Map to Refine Services

Hero, Seductress, or Outlaw: How to Improve Your Social Media Brand Personas Using ...

We recommend creating Personas for the primary target audiences for the product, narrowing it down to the most important 2 or 3 segments.


Personas, A day in life and others SD artifacts

What is a Persona.

Can You Tell The Differences Between Customer Archetype, Customer Personas And Customer Segmentation?

Customer Development strategy - Creating archetypes and personas

Here is what people are saying about Sense & Respond: “Love this whole book, but especially Chapter 7 Doing Less, More Often. It really gives a blueprint ...

Mozilla identifies 10 open source personas: What you need to know

A persona paints a portrait of an archetypal user in our target audience and informs our

1 Personas 14 Feb 2006

Customer Persona Example - System Administrator Sam.001.jpeg

skills chart

2 Personas Credited to Alan Cooper A user archetype used to help guide decisions about product features, navigation, and visual design

personas. “

Persona and Use Case Doc Now you should know who might be using your design, what they value, and what they need. Then you need to start creating 'user ...

Brand Archetypes

User Stories Use Cases; 27. User Stories A ...

Next, choose the personality attributes that best match the archetype, where you should consider aligning one or more attributes with your Personas :

BrainstormHypothesize Validate & Iterate Communicate The Persona Process You start with a quick sketch of one

Title Image Learn about Making Customer Personas

Persona template by Christof Zürn

Different Needs Warrant Different Designs; 6.

Personas and behavioral archetypes for post-stroke telecare rehabilitation system.. a focus on healthcare needs, motivations of ...

Looking analytically at the finished wheel, I think the first thing I find fascinating about the end result is that we have organically filled up the wheel ...

3: User Personas | CultureConnectCultureConnect

Not because you build UX persona then it will be successful. Personas are not just about a name or a story you craft. In order for your persona to be ...

Archetypes ...

An example persona (Source: www.christinanghiem.com/images/persona-01.jpg)

Behavioral Archetypes Toolkit

However, the most important point for this persona discussion is that you can now measure everything in Google Analytics based on these segments.

Ikea, the Everyman, and the Comedic mode

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4 Know your site visitors ID audience segments, prioritize Use log files Consider privacy issues Personalization Cookies Create personas based on research ...

There are a lot of examples out there of how to put together personas. But frankly, we weren't crazy about any of them as a whole, so we pieced together our ...



The twelve common archetypes: Explorer, Creator, Hero, Magician, Sage, Ruler

This shows you how ideal the customer persona is vs. how strong your business case is for them, allowing you to visualize where the best opportunities are ...


Using Proto-Personas for Executive Alignment

Captivate and Convert with a Quiz

Branding Bots Part 2: Designing Personas for Chatbots & Voice Interfaces - Voxable.

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When to Use a Customer Persona Profile

User Personas

The Outlaw Archetype

How ...

Case Studies

Who are the important users.

If there are a couple of options in play we often place the different personas in a creative expression (i.e. fairytale model) to determine which archetype ...

Simple model for behavior change

Dove, obviously, is a good representation of the Innocent archetype.

Attendee Archetypes @FreemanXP; 6.

“A persona is a user archetype you can use ...

4 Know your site visitors ID audience segments, prioritize Use log files Consider privacy issues Personalization Cookies Create personas based on research ...