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Learn about the most common low back pain trigger points and how you

Learn about the most common low back pain trigger points and how you


Learn about the most common low back pain trigger points and how you might prevent and treat them

myofascial pain syndrome and trigger points

Diagram showing the rough location of Perfect Spot No. 12, a common trigger point

trigger point and referred pain in the upper back

The most common characteristic I find are aggravated myofascial trigger points (TrPs) in the piriformis muscle. Piriformis trigger points are often confused ...

Severe lower back pain spinal osteoarthritis

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Low-back pain is one of the common complaints found in the massage therapy industry

learn more about types of upper back pain and their causes

Trigger points refer to areas beneath the skin where the muscles have bound together in a way which can reduce the range of motion, cause pain and lower ...

Should You Foam Roll the Low Back?

Photo by Nemanja Glumac

Resources for Thai Massage Practitioners

Pain patterns Trp X2

Low-back pain is one of the common complaints found in the massage therapy industry

Severe lower back pain trigger point


Picture of a herniated lumbar disc

Piriformis Trigger Points Video

Trigger Point Injections - What You Need to Know

HEMME Approach Home Study Courses Offer - 4 Pages | Massage | Myofascial Trigger Point

I know lower back pain and I'm here to help you beat it. You know how they say 'necessity is the mother of invention'? Well, it was a lower back pain (the ...

Common Major Lower Back Pain Trigger Points

The Cervical Spine and Its Link to Dizziness and Neck Pain

rotator cuff muscle exercises · tendinitis

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Treatments for lower back pain vary from patient to patient, but in most cases, symptoms can be effectively managed with conservative measures like physical ...

How to Use a Spiky Massage Ball | 6 Tactics To Reduce Muscle Tension and Myofascial Pain

Acupressure Points to Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain

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trigger point therapy at home · frozen shoulder causes excercises · therapy for frozen shoulder

In myofascial pain syndrome, muscle fibers contract but don't release. This creates knots of taut muscle, or trigger points, that send pain throughout the ...

Most common indications include: painful shoulder, epicondylitis, low back pain, Achilles tendon pain, patellar tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and trigger ...

Of some interest is the variation in myofascial pain, and inflammation in general, in relation to hormones—specifically, the menstrual cycle.

... are more commonly associated with lower back pain where they likely form part of the same, wider holding pattern. Gluteus Medius - Common Trigger Point ...

Trigger Points causes:

... and reduction of pain. The most common area of muscle spasm trigger points are located in the upper back, shoulders, lower back and extremities.

Causes of Lower Back Pain in Older Patients

woman with pain in the shoulder from trigger points

The Most Common Place For A Trigger Point Is In The Muscle Of The Lower Back

learn about upper back pain locations, causes, and treatments

A female with scoliosis shows curvature of the spine.

Trigger Point ...

4 Ways to Relieve Trigger Point Pain

At that point, Ramin decided to deploy her skills as a journalist and investigate the $100 billion back pain industry. She went on to write Crooked: ...

The "Energy Crisis Theory" for Myofascial Trigger Points: An injury to the sarcoplasmatic

Woman with lower back pain

Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain

How Do You Treat Sciatica?

A man with severe low back pain

guide to trigger point release myofascial release


Lower back



Pressure Points

Being able to locate and press them may not get rid of back ache for life. But it does one thing you need most in the moment you feel pain.

Calf muscle knots causing pain in person squeezing leg.

Algorithm for the management of low back pain and

Pressure Points in Your Feet: Use This Foot Massage Chart for Pain Relief

Background Guidance Of Back Pain On Components That Are Indispensable The most common result of Gout ...

Psoas Muscles and Back Pain, How to Strengthen Your Psoas Muscles | Berkeley Wellness


Back Pain Infographic

Woman pushing on shoulder trigger point.

Myofascial Therapy for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain

Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool, Lower Back Massager, Neck Massager, Shoulder Massager, Myofascial Release Tool – Deep Muscle Massage

The basics of posture

trigger points causing neck pain


Your back is a complex structure that includes a stack of bones called vertebrae, separated and cushioned by spongy discs. Pain can arise from compressed or ...


Symptoms of Spinal Instability. Spinal Instability Conditions

Low back pain caused by spinal degeneration and injury. Click here for an infographic to learn more


Pain patterns Trp X5. 1. 2. Trigger points in the lower ...

Reducing Back Pain While Sleeping: Causes & the Right Sleep Positions for Treatment

Back pain from trigger points in the rectus abdominis ...

The soleus also acts as a “second heart” pumping venous blood from the legs back up into the trunk. Trigger point activity can compromise this pumping ...

Identifying spinal instability in nonspecific back pain. Multilevel Spinal Stenosis

Massage Trigger Points With Golf Ball. Usually use tennis balls...will try golf ball.

bladder 47

Low Back Pain Trigger Point ...

Pressure Points 9-10

Alternative Care Vs. Trigger Point Injection

Zone 1 ...

Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are one of the most common procedures done for pain that originates in the lumbar (low back) or cervical (neck) spine, ...

LiBa Back and Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief - Self Massage Tool