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SpiderMan had a LOT of weird villains during the 90s Quite a few

SpiderMan had a LOT of weird villains during the 90s Quite a few


Spider-Man had a LOT of weird villains during the 90's. Quite a few

Spidey Sense isn't the only thing Peter is missing in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.'

Spider-Man: The Many Spider-Men of the Spider-Verse


Sam Raimi's bright, fun Spider-Man doubled as a valentine to a post-9/11 New York

Clone Saga image

Thanks to Kitty, Deadpool's body is blown up, but the epilogue reveals that he's still in one piece. Not that the comic would ever follow up on that.

We spotlight pretty much every different version of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse ever!

All the Weird Superpowers Spider-Man Doesn't Have in 'Homecoming' | Inverse

The character is killed in Spider-Verse when his head his caved in with his dimension's version of Mary Jane's tombstone. See? Told you. Dark.

Yeah good old Felicia started out as a villainess but danced a morally grey line throughout her character's history to the point where she has in fact spent ...

Deadpool and Spider-Man have a long history, and Wade has been getting on Peter's nerves for years.

Oh well, this dead Peter was a dope...but an inspirational dope because he pointed Spider-Gwen in the right heroic direction after he lizard died.

Spider-Man: Homecoming scorpion post-credits scene mid-credits


This film has more references in it than last year's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming

... is tainted by the fact that her two most notable stories were highly controversial and also not fondly regarded. She debuted in Spider-Man Unlimited #1…

A computer graphic of Spider-Man swinging over traffic

The rest of the world learned of the awesomeness of O'Hara in the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game, and it looks like Marvel would like nothing ...

Gabriele Dell'Otto/Marvel Comics

All the Weird Superpowers Spider-Man Doesn't Have in 'Homecoming' | Inverse

Let's just hope Mark Webb doesn't follow that lineage of villains. He's two-thirds there already! Manga Spidey is a fascinating alternate take on Spider-Man ...

A lot of people had problems with the whole Spider-Totem stuff from JMS. I wasn't the biggest fan of it but I wasn't as opposed to it as others were.

... superhero/villain gear at his disposal, so he freaks Spider-Man and Deadpool out quite a bit by being armed with a Goblin Glider, Klaw's sound gun hand, ...

As we get ready for the Venom movie, we take a look back at the oddball moments in the alien-clad character's Marvel history.

Spider-Man upside down on the side of the OsCorp tower with the film's title

Spider-Man had eight limbs.

Spider-Man 2099


Spider-Ham, Into the Spider-Verse's oddest Spider-Man cameo, explained - Polygon

The two go their separate ways and Deadpool puts the wheels in motion that cause Eddie Brock to enter the church and become the host for Venom.

Plus Deadpool takes all of Deathmask's occult spell books and draws mustaches and giant wangs on all the demons.


Spider-Man: India

Deadpool spends the rest of the issue eliminating the other spider heroes such as Spider-Woman, Miles, and Spider-Man 2099.

Spider-Man has upstanding morals and despite living a tragic and surreal lifestyle as a superhero, he at least juggles it with ...

When he first appeared on the scene in 1991, Deadpool was a minor character, hailed as the mutant answer to Spider-Man. Or, rather, the mutant rip-off of ...

I mean seriously Disney/Sony or whomever, this has CW or ABC Family drama written all over it. Why aren't you on this? Victoria Justice as Spider-Girl.

All the Weird Superpowers Spider-Man Doesn't Have in 'Homecoming' | Inverse


Spider-Ham will swing into action in the animated movie. He's seen as depicted by late artist Mike Wieringo on a variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man No.

In 1992 a group of Marvel's top artists, frustrated with having their work exploited, walked out to form Image Comics, a place where creators would retain ...

... Spider #5'

Image for The 50 greatest comic-book characters

Ultimate Spider-Man


Between comics and video games, Spider-Punk has been all over the place lately, so look for big things from this safety pin wearing punk rocker. OI!

All that and a bunch of specials mixed in there. I guess marketing trumps a coherent reading order.

... damaged the creature in any way. As he's leaving, he passes Spider-Man and gives him directions to the machine, telling him that “black is slimming.”

Blood Spider teamed up with evil versions of Hawkeye and Captain America named Jagged Bow and Death Shield because the '90s.


Spider-Verse #5, Marvel Comics (2015).


Sadly, Spider-Monkey was killed during the Spider-Verse comics event. Also sadly, Spider-Monkey did not shoot webs out of his ass. You missed some easy ...

Though before leaving, he does warn Spider-Man about how he's going to take him down in Deadpool #19.

But you know Wade. It's only a minor setback.

Dormammu attacks Eternity in a Ditko "Dr. Strange" panel from Strange Tales #146 (July 1966).

His beef and existence were about the X-Men and mutant race with Spider-Man being a bystander. Writing him more in-character would probably have stuck out ...

THE BLACK CAT, however, arrived in Amazing Spider-Man #194 in 1979, although she was originally intended by Marv Wolfman to be a foil for Spider-Woman and, ...

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -- Who are all these Spider-people? - CNET

The cover of Marvel Tails #1, Marvel Comics (1983).

Honest to God, when I first read this scene, I had to put down the comic, get up, and just walk away because I simply could not deal with this.

The second Electro, Francine Frye, in the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 4,#17.

Ollie also once joined up with the Toad and Frog Man to form the Misfits, and Marvel should get right on giving that trio their own comic.

'Avengers: Infinity War' — Here's Why Spider-Man Took Longer to Disappear Than Everyone Else

'Spider-Man' PS4 Has the Most Heartwarming Stan Lee Cameo Ever

Ben Reilly


Venom wins when he sees a heat sink and destroys it, which causes a huge explosion that hurts them both and knocks them out of their computers.

... supervillains out for revenge...all while he has a dog in his eye. Once cooler heads prevail, he finally pops it out of his socket and discards the poor ...

The medium rarely keeps its paws off its most famous stories though, and it only took a few years for Gwen to pop up again in a twisted way to torture Peter ...

All the Weird Superpowers Spider-Man Doesn't Have in 'Homecoming' | Inverse

Long before Daredevil, The Gifted, or Agents of SHIELD, Marvel tried to make its mark on TV...with mixed results.


Miles Warren, The Jackal and Gwen Stacy's clone had been mentioned only sparsely since the groovy Seventies tales. Obviously the mad professor had been ...

Captain Americat imparts some sage wisdom.

Deadpool No. 4. (Marvel)

Ai Apaec

Electro's first appearance, The Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Feb. 1964). Art by Steve Ditko.

Spider-Man/Deadpool No. 1. (Marvel)

He didn't get a chance to finish Juggernaut off because he's whisked away to a realm of madness, where he was attacked by dark copies of Spider-Man, ...

every marvel movie ranked spider-man into the spider-verse ant-man and

Excerpt from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' No. 29. Ditko provided wild action sequences while Lee gave Spidey a constant string of quips and references.

All the Weird Superpowers Spider-Man Doesn't Have in 'Homecoming' | Inverse

Agreed that the book had some issues, its appearance in the build-up to the Avengers: Infinity War narrative implied that all of the Earth's Mightiest ...

Spider-Man had some serious problems in the 1990s (which we'll get to) and some really questionable things going on in the early '00s (which we'll also get ...

deadpool 2 stan lee cameo shout out avengers endgame

J. Jonah Jameson from the Spider-Man series

It might have even overshadowed what the other Spider versions are doing in their solo comics, and Otto's attitude might have either acknowledged or ...

Spider-Man: Reign

... some hefty competition from the Bombastic Bag Man outfit ...

In 'The Other' storyline, Peter hibernates in a ...

Though at least the story gives us a quick look at Spider-Ham's mercenary counterpart Deadpork!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -- Who are all these Spider-people? - CNET