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Spotify Wrapped 2018 Technical Case Study interactive

Spotify Wrapped 2018 Technical Case Study interactive


Among the data presented by Spotify was the total time you'd spent listening to songs (I spent 50,256 minutes streaming music on Spotify.

So that's a wrap on Spotify Wrapped 2018. We'd like to thank the Spotify team for being fantastic to work with and hope everyone enjoyed learning about ...

Your 2017 Wrapped Website Screenshot

My Top Songs playlist for 2016, courtesy of Spotify. My love for Dreaming by Smallpools will never, ever die.

The genius of Spotify Wrapped, the only marketing campaign I add to my calendar – Econsultancy

Spotify Wrapped

I saw several friends on my Facebook feed sharing their 2017 Wrapped, and I was pleased to note that none of them had listened to quite as much music as I ...

Spotify Wrapped Campaign Blog Share

Spotify's year-end campaign celebrates weird playlists, from Baby Shark to royal wedding



Let me plug my 2018 Wrapped.

Premium users can visit the Spotify Wrapped website to browse through their 2018 listening statistics.

Following that, Spotify treats its users to three lists: one for your top artists, another for top songs and the final one is a list of top genres.

Spotify Wrapped Campaign Blog Minutes




As 2018 draws to a close, music streaming service Spotify is sending users a personalized playlist called 'Your Top Songs 2018' that's packed with the ...

Spotify Is Wrapping Up Your Listening Habits for the Year and Some People Had Questionable Results

CMO Seth Farbman takes us inside the campaign

I've only been using Spotify since June this year, but I've been really pleased with it as a service throughout that time. Also the “Ones that got away” ...

June Sauvaget, Spotify's global head of consumer marketing, said: “Our annual Wrapped ad campaign is a true embodiment of our proposition as a 'platform for ...

2016 Wrapped (Spotify Integrated Ad Case Study)

What Were the Most Streamed Podcasts?


[Update: Spotify Wrapped now live] How to visualize your Apple Music listening history, including top songs, artists, and more

Spotify Goals 2018


Following Apple's recently launched Data and Privacy portal, which lets customers download a copy of their Apple-related data, developer Pat Murray has ...

Spotify app icon on iPhone

Make next year a great one with '2018 Goals'

This Therapy Pig Makes Travelers Feel Better About Flying

Spotify Reveals Its Users' Most Embarrassing Listening Habits For 2017 On Giant Billboards, And It's Even Funnier Than Last Year

Music service gives thanks for a 'weird' 2016


Celso Bulgatti/CNET

An image of what Spotify's desktop "Browse" page looks like.

Go offline better!

The genius of Spotify Wrapped, the only marketing campaign I add to my calendar – Econsultancy

Spotify ad

Spotify Wrapped 2018-Technical Case Study #DCTech #webdesign #DCInno #DCstartups #

Spotify Sets Out Your 2018 'Goals' in This Year's Data-Driven Holiday Campaign | AdAge

... and by providing such interesting info that you can't help but want to. 40,000 minutes of listening in 2018? Now that's something to talk about.

An example of a user profile on Spotify.

Spotify "2018 goals" by Spotify

With the theme “2018 Goals,” they serve as comical New Year's resolutions come early—using Spotify listeners' habits from 2017 to humorously suggest ...

Little Mix's Spotify Wrapped 2018.

Obviously, politics is on everyone's mind. Does it make you uneasy to wade into that? Or is it just good fun and part of the reality we're living in?

Spotify Wrapped 2018 - Technical Case Study

You can finally easily set a Spotify song as your alarm on Android

Lizzi spoty.jpg

Spotify's USP is how it allows users to freely listen to the songs that they want to hear, in playlists they curate, in orders they arrange.

Spotify #2018Wrapped Case Study

An example of a user profile following page on Spotify.

We decided, “Let's look forward instead of back, and let's inject optimism and humor where we can.” Not to make light of things, but to lighten them up a ...

An image taken from Spotify codes.

Not only it surprised, it also drove record subscriptions and streaming for Spotify.

You have to have a premise. You have to have a supposition. And then you go in and you either validate it or you don't validate it with the data.


An image of a Spotify subway ad.

A graph showcasing how the average user uses Spotify.


Lauren's Spotify Wrapped

This information would also fuel the social aspects of Apple Music, giving you an approximate taste comparison with other people on the service to see if ...

... 2018", in a similar style to the Spotify Wrapped cards shared across social media. With the information you can see your minutes of music listened in ...

[Update: Spotify Wrapped now live] How to visualize your Apple Music listening history, including top songs, artists, and more - 9to5Mac

Visually, you've got the pink and green and red, with some sepia photos. What were you going for visually, and how does it help these ads stand out on the ...

With more space on the desktop application, Spotify has decided to separate personal playlists from the rest of your library opposed to the mobile ...

There is also a B2B portion of the campaign, launching next week with paid social, OOH and trade in nine markets. Below is an example of the creative for ...

The creative team came up with the cutouts from that insight. How can we have fans participate in what we're thinking of as analog filters?

Spotify Connect can see other Connect-enabled devices on its connected Wi-Fi network and offer them up to you under Devices Available in the Spotify ...


A flowchart detailing how a user would play music on Spotify.

What if you could you be part of the artist's life? So we came up with cutouts where you can have your own selfie and share that, much like the artists do ...

2018 Goals Spotify

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Source: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/05/spotify-recommendation-tech -nelson-custom-playlists/

In-Stream Social Video, Attribution Dashboards, and the End of TV and Radio

Yay Brigade's Favorite Albums 2018 Thumbnail Preview

Image from Spotify website

Instagram's New Long-Form Video App Takes on YouTube

How healthcare is being transformed by online self-management, startups & digitally savvy HCPs

It's not just the out-of-home campaign. We're delivering, to nearly every one of our fans, an individualized dashboard of their musical habits.

Facebook Was Hacked, So Follow These Steps to Keep Your FB, Insta and Spotify

Taste jumped out

Spotify: Only dedicated rap fans will understand Spotify's French outdoor campaign

Spotify Wrapped 2018: Your Year of Music Wrapped Just for You

Roundhouse Digital Spotify

We saw lots of activity in 2018 on Spotify which is a streaming platform for all of Cozmic Cat's original music. Thank you everyone who has been playing the ...


An image of the "Browse" page "Concert" tab.

Get yours at http://spotify.com/2018 #2018Wrapped · pic.twitter.com/NdCmb1fQjk

Spotify's Year-End Ads Highlight the Weird and Wonderful