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Tangent comics COMIC BOOKS t Comics Comic books

Tangent comics COMIC BOOKS t Comics Comic books


... to the age of modern comics. Sometimes, not so much. These are snapshots of the industry at its best and worst. This is Brian's Comic Book Grab Bag.

Tangent Comics

Tangent Comics, Vol. 2

... Tangent Comics: The Joker (1997) #1 ...

Tangent, Vol. 1 trade paperback

Green Lantern by Tangent Comics (DC's once alter ego)

Tangent, Vol. 2 trade paperback

Tangent Comics/The Atom #1 VF/NM ; DC comic book

The original intention for Tangent Comics was playing with the character roster of DC to return characters to their ...

Tangent Comics Flash (1997) 1

Snagging his sidearm, The Joker takes some (intentionally non-lethal) shots at the two police officers, only for Keel to reclaim his Terminator (which I'm ...

3, $20.00

Tangent Comics/Secret Six #1 VF/NM ; DC comic book

Tangent Comics The Joker's Wild v1998 #001 #comics

... Norton Secured - powered by Verisign

Tales Of The Green Lantern #1 VF/NM Tangent Comics Comic Book Sept 98

Tangent Comics/The Batman (1998) #1 p5 - Dan Jurgens pencils &


Joker (DC's Tangent Comics) - Madame Xanadu

... Tangent Comics: Tales of the Green Lantern (1998) #1

FYI, the masks on those pedestals bear the faces of Mary Marvel, Lori Lemaris and Christy Xanadu, raising the question for the readers of whether any of ...

Tangent Comics 9x Set

Tangent Comics/ Nightwing: Night Force

DC~Tangent Comics #18 ~ Wonder Woman [comic book]

... the original Atlanta and we're introduced to a police officer named Keel who is fairly new to town but recognises the colourful Joker when she appears.

The Joker #1 (Tangent Comics): Karl Kesel, Matt Haley, Tom Simmons: Amazon.com: Books

The leader of the rabble, one Brother Power (whom Joker dubs a “geek”), turns his mob on Officer Keel, leading Joker to intervene on his behalf, ...

Tangent Comics: Metal Men 1, page 6 Comic Art

... Tangent Comics: JLA (1998) #1

Justice League and Tangent Comics by Ivan Reis

Joker (DC's Tangent Comics) fighting men in skeleton suits

... Tangent Comics: The Atom (1997) #1 ...

Tangent Comics Volume 1

... Tangent Comics: Green Lantern (1997) #1 ...

9 Cuban Missile Crisis Goes Kaboom - Tangent Comics (1997)

The Superman #1 VF/NM Tangent Comics Comic Book Millar Sept 1998 DE43 TW14

Tangent Comics/ The Trials of the Flash

The Flash #1 (Tangent) Comic Book

Instead of finding their morally ambiguous quarry inside, the officers find a dyed-in-the-wool menace, in the form of the captured and bound criminal ...

... Tangent Comics: The Superman (1998) #1 ...

There are a lot of similarities between this Joker and the one we're more familiar with though, and one of them is this clever reference to the multiple ...

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Tangent Comics (DC)

Tangent Comics Comic Wallpapers

Tangent Comics/Wonder Woman 1-A by Tangent Comics

Comic Book

Tangent Comics / Powergirl #1 pg 20 Comic Art

Tangent Comics's Tangent: Superman's Reign Issue # 4

Tangent characters from COUNTDOWN #40

Tangent: Supermans Reign (Volume) Green Lantern Earth 9 Comic Costume, Comic Book

Joker (DC's Tangent Comics) swinging through the air

Secret Six


Tangent Comics/Sea Devils #1 FN ; DC comic book

... Tangent Comics: Green Lantern (1997) #1

... Tangent Comics: The Superman (1998) #1

... Tangent: Sea Devils (1997) #1

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TANGENT COMICS: SUPERMAN'S REIGN #9 Written by Dan Jurgens and Ron Marz Art by Wes Craig and Mark McKenna Cover by Brad Walker It's Batman and Batman vs. ...

Lori may or may not have something to hide, but she doesn't seem to have any obvious ties to Joker. In fact, she provides Keel with some important ...

Keel follows when the rally attendees baulk at the idea - and hey, Keel seems to be developing his previously unheard of sense of humour!

Collects the greatest of Millar's earliest work on Superman: Team Superman #1, Tangent Comics: The Superman #1, Superman Adventures #19, #25-27, #30, #31, ...

Comic Book / Teen Titans

Cover to Just Imagine Stan Lee's Batman. Publication information. Publisher · DC Comics

Artist: Christian Duce Letters: Steve Wands Cover Artist: Dan Mora variant by Gabriele Dell'Otto Colorist: Luis Guerrero Publisher: DC COMICS

The revived Secret Six, in Action Comics Weekly #612 (August 9, 1988

The Joker #1 VF Tangent Comics Comic Book Kesel Dec 1997 DE43 TW14

Collects the greatest of Millar's earliest work on Superman: Team Superman #1, Tangent Comics: The Superman #1, Superman Adventures #19, #25-27, #30, #31, ...

Tangent Comics/ Wonder Woman

5 Tangent Comics DC # 1 Doom Patrol Joker Nightwing Secret Six The Atom J211

Joker (DC's Tangent Comics) throwing a teddy bear

... Tangent Comics: Doom Patrol (1997) #1

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Tangent Comics / Powergirl #1 pg 21 Comic Art

... Tangent Comics: Metal Men (1997) #1

Look: Ninjak's greatest asset is his powerful intellect. He is the smartest man in the world. I don't know why I need to work any harder here.

Their shared moment is interrupted by Doll Man's partner/moll, Big Barda, who has a bone to pick with the cop that took in her man…

Comic books require a lot of detail. In order to create a successful comic book

When Keel encounters Joker in the memorial, he realises why she's so fixated on him and also reveals enough truths about her to finally wipe the smile off ...


Every Story Tells a Picture.

Teen Titans: A Kid's Game (Book 1): front cover

More information

... Tangent Comics: The Flash (1997) #1 ...

Azrael Agent of Bat 12 Comic Books DC Comics 1994-1997 NRMT / MINT lot

Green Lantern vol 2 - 34 -FVF