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The last color from the sunset begins to fade against a cloudless

The last color from the sunset begins to fade against a cloudless


The last color from the sunset begins to fade against a cloudless sky as the couple

Sunset over the Pacific from Duffin Cove, Oct. 5, 2010

Warm sunset on the ship deck. Reflection of the fading sun on floor surface.

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Sunset over the Pacific from Duffin Cove, Oct. 4, 2010

Best sunsets in the world ...

The Last Chapter | Pink Lemonade | Sunset, Beautiful sunset, Beautiful places

“While every sunset is special, this evening was really special for us as we saw the sun go down from the southernmost tip of India.

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Most beautiful sunsets in the world ...

Sunset Wallpaper

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... sunlight being scattered off oxygen molecules and particulates, like smog soot and cloud droplets, as shown in this photo of a sunset during the ...

The conversation between time and place. Photography by Todd Cole.

“One of the most impressive and mesmerizing sunsets I have ever witnessed was from Sairee Beach in Koh Tao, Thailand. The early sunset hues in the sky ...

I have a fascination for lighthouses, and sunsets! Great combination! # sunsets #

Koh Trong sunset with local ...

I have become addicted to sunsets #sunset #photography #photographyislife #2016 #colors #trees #silhouette

Know the forecast. theproposal. A Mostly Cloudless Sunset ...

Understand the subtle differences between sunrises and sunsets

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“This picture was taken in Chobe National Park, the last stop of our week-long trip across Botswana. Before that, we had spent two months in South Africa ...

Sunset in Wadi Rum desert

michellephants: Its the colours you haveNo need to be sad This is the PERFECT description of our wedding colors!

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 1

Prague sunset over Vltava 12-1 ...

Sunsets around the globe ...

Photo of the Week. A perfect cloudless sunrise coupled to absorption in the Earth's atmosphere beautifully separates the colors of the solar spectrum from ...

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Scientists and crew aboard the Sally Ride watches the sunset as the ship leaves port in Seattle. Credits: Alex Niebergall

There's nothing quite as magical as watching the sun dip behind a mountain or rise gloriously over the ocean, and there's a good chance you've attempted to ...


40 Amazing Sunset Quotes That Prove How Beautiful The World Is | Inspirationfeed

Best sunsets in the world collection ...

Sunset over Ruby Beach, WA

“I took this photo at Malendure Beach on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. I didn't actually go there for the sunset; I just wanted to relax a bit ...

A blast of color at sunset under the crescent moon at Lahaina, Maui

Color of the sky at sundown (photo: T. Kment)

Depending of the time of year the sun sets anywhere between 16.30 and 19.45 in the afternoon. Sunset is an absolutely stunning transformation of colours .

The green flash occurs at sunset, right as the sun disappears on the horizon.

Amagansett Beach NY Sunset 6:34pm / Sky Series by Eric Cahan

The other is when the horizon is cloudless. There's a perfect layering and fading of warm colours from bright yellow that fades to a pinkish orange mid-sky ...

Amazing Sunset Quotes

Sunset at the Temples of Bagan ...

An abstract from the color and movement of the sky and waterAn abstract from the color

Key West Sunset Sail

Pink/purple sky in Nieuw-Vennep

Scientists flock to the deck to enjoy the sunset on a clear evening after days without seeing the Sun.

... of the cloudless sunset which provide the backdrop to the event, held on the sports field next to the Church of St. Anne in the village begin to fade.

50 Shades of blue

Arriving at the base at sunset

A multicoloured sunset over the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

If you want to get really great sunset or sunrise photos, you should get into the habit of planning ahead.

Crepuscular rays[edit]

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 2

In this article I am sharing the

Credits: Abigale Wyatt Sunset bathes the aft deck in orange light, highlighting the boxes of scientific equipment marked with pink duct tape to signify ...

Brisbane CBD, as viewed from the Gateway Bridge en route to the airport in an Uber. Sunset on a brilliant year of Brisbane birding.

This was taken just as my passion for photography began to re-ignite. It was on a trip to Tenerife where my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to witness a ...

"Featherlike" oil painting by Robie Benve, all rights reserved. Sometimes clouds are. "


A long exposure streaks clouds during a colorful sunset at the Tidal Basin

Green Flash: The Beautiful and Elusive Sunset Phenomenon

When you get one like this you need something to add to it. In this case, I managed to catch a small boat coming in through the channel with the sun between ...

14 Photographs of sky and cloud color when the Sun is near the horizon: (a) Color of the horizon sky when the Sun is above the horizon and an opaque cloud ...

A blast of color through rough surf during an otherwise gray evening at Shark Fin Cove

As the bookend to Dawn of a new year... from January 1, 2017, the sun sets on my favorite tree on December 31.

Understanding White Balance and Color Temperature in Digital Images | B&H Explora


A moment of color at sunset at Vesturhorn mountain

Connor Lyon.

I wonder if the wooks passed out on the beach find Máncora to be this complicated of a place? Better open myself one last beer.


Riding into the sunset back to the base. “

Framing the view: six artists reveal how they choose landscapes | Art and design | The Guardian

I was standing in my backyard during the final sunset of 2001. After a full afternoon of yard work and chores, I sat down next to my pond to watch the dusk ...


African sunsets on our mountain bike tour Morocco

... A sunset near the Blue Ridge Parkway's Linn Cove Viaduct adds some pinks and purples to the autumn palette. As the sun rises on Saturday, Oct. 20, ...

A lone tree silhouetted against the sunset on Buck Hill

The Ceremonial Pole in the first light of day

Twilight photo by Bill Abott, Wikimedia Commons

Seychelles - Kew5.jpg


Ed Wray / AP

The wind was barely rolling over the water and the round fluffy silhouettes up above were moving away. The night was taking hold and bringing along with it ...

Storm in the Arafura Sea. Photo by Nadia Low, Biosphere Foundation

Such a beautiful thing like this would, without surprise, symbolize so many things. It's more than just a gorgeous piece of scenery or a masterpiece of ...

Credits: Abigale Wyatt The Sun sets over the R/V Sally Ride as she carries a fleet of scientists on the EXPORTS cruise in the Gulf of Alaska.

120 Stunning Color Combinations For Your Next Design - Image 17

Can You Find the Green Flash in Hawaii?

Looking back through previous posts, I find this is the sixth time that I have featured the tufa formations at Mono Lake as Photo-of-the-Month.