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Wendy Brydge on Things That Go Bump In the Night II

Wendy Brydge on Things That Go Bump In the Night II


Wendy Brydge 🚪👁 ⏰ on | Things That Go Bump In the Night (II) | Movie posters, Horror, Invisible man

Things That Go Bump In the Night (II) · A Chat With Peter Cushing About "Dracula Today", from CINEFANTASTIQUE Magazine, Vol

"The House That Dripped Blood" (1971). Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

Boys and Ghouls

"Doctor Blood's Coffin" ...

Forrest J. Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

The Mummy page from The Monster Times Special #3: "The World's Greatest Monsters", 1974. Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

Milf on Adult Dating Site - The strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde (showing of. Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

VAMPIRA the original one & only (Maila Nurmi) She dated James Dean & was the first late night horror movie hostess. Vampira starred in Plan 9 From Outer ...

Spanish Poster for "The Fog" (1980) Sci Fi Horror Movies, Classic

Bloody Pit Movie poster Metal Sign Wall Art x. Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

And with those promising words from Rod Serling, Night Gallery's second season got underway on Sept. 15, 1971. It featured no fewer than four segments, ...

HORRORFIXXX is your daily source for horror in movies, on television, and everywhere in between. Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

Another Bunch of Weird Illustrations (via Mostly Forbidden Zone, Vs). Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)


Night Gallery The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes

Tom Whalen Minimalist Universal Monsters Movie Posters. Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

The Mummy's Ghost "O Fantasma da Múmia". Wendy B. Things That Go Bump In the Night (II)

night-gallery-borgus-weems. ***. Photos courtesy of Wendy Brydge.

Night+Gallery+2-4+Serling. ***. Photos courtesy of Wendy Brydge.

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NG - A Fear of Spiders

Designing these creepy critters was one thing. But customizing an actual Funko Pop! was something else entirely.

I saw Edgar Allan Poe.

Have you ever seen those amazing paintings where it looks like a person or an object is about to step right out of it? If so, then you've admired a trompe ...

... vein, as Bugs' Bunny's “Transylvania 6-5000”, this episode finds our rose-coloured jungle cat in Transylvania, spending the night in a vampire's castle, ...

Vinyl Design: Rod Serling ~ © Wendy Brydge,

Custom Twilight Zone Funko Pop! Vinyl Design: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up

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I still have plans to do that, but when I saw this American Gods “Mr. Wednesday” Funko Pop! a few months back… I knew what was going to be my very first ...

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Serling NG pilot

NG - The Cemetery

Brian Van Camp

Clocking in at just under 7 minutes, “Pink Plasma” first aired on August 8, 1975. It's the third episode of the eleventh season of “The Pink Panther Show”.


"If you're lucky, you have a best friend, or you have a lover. If you're really lucky, you have both. If you're blessed beyond belief, they're the same ...

Five in the Fifth

Ladies of the Fifth Dimension

Wendy Brydge, Black Bullhead Catfish, 2018

The first thing I did learn very early on was [that] I wasn't going to go looking for something to paint. The world had to come to me.

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NG - Pickman's Model

Pixie Pumpkin: Carving a Tinkerbell Jack-o-Lantern


NG - The Doll2

NG - A Death in the Family

Mark Kiddle was handed a suspended sentence for the abuse of a 15-year-

Ladies of the Fifth Dimension


Wendy Brydge, Pacific Tree Frog, 2018 (blog)

Somehow I didn't get around to adding a Creepy Cartoon post to the collection last October, but this year I have a few good ones for you to watch.

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Wendy Brydge, Northern Leopard Frog, 2017-blog

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Wendy Brydge, Seagull, October 22, 2017 Watermarked

NG - Green Fingers

Wendy Brydge on



These same crabby people have been bombarding my Twitter timeline with in-store Halloween decorations, pumpkin-themed hauls, mood tables, etc., etc., ...

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You might think that as someone who works in the art field, I should want to spend my free time taking a break from doing anything “creative”.

NG - Tim Riley's Bar

Wendy Brydge, Red-Breasted Nuthatch3

Twilight Zone Funko Pop! Designs

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Now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's time for our yearly shift to the Dark Side, as October ushers in the official Halloween season here on Seeker ...

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Almontecarletonplace073114 by Metroland East - Almonte Carleton Place Canadian Gazette - issuu

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Reboot: Out of all the versions that exist, Japan has seen the most winners

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Image Preview

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It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart; for whether I am in chains or defending and confirming the gospel, ...

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Toronto Rehabilitation Institute +10 Report on Rehabilitation Research by Wyman Design - issuu

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Mary Pratt, “Eviscerated Chickens”, 1971