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Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and God Amma Mata

Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and God Amma Mata


Unfortunately, now we need special a special day to remind us to perform Yoga, just as we need a day to remember our mother and father.

Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and God - Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi #

International Yoga Day celebrated across Ashram Centers

Amma observing International YogaDay during her programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




Amma said about the Tewa Dancers of the North, “It gives us so much joy to see that this ancient tradition is lovingly followed and revered even today, ...



Speaking to the assembled crowd, Amma reflected on the need to believe in our own divinity and kindle the goodness within: “Goodness is the manifestation of ...




International Yoga day at Amritapuri Ashram


The Power of Harmony; #IDY2017

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Amma's Japan, USA, Canada Yatra 2015

In 2003, the Tewa Dancers made the long journey to India to perform their sacred dances for Amma's Amritavarsham 50th Birthday Celebration.

Uphold the ancient tradition for future generations


What is the meaning of yoga for you?

On the last day of programs, former Indonesian First Lady and TV celebrity, Dewi Sukarno, shared her impressions about Amma's darshan in her blog.


downward dog pose at amrita yoga class

Twice ...

Transcending the Physical Asana Practice

How Different is Amrita Yoga at Amritapuri than Yoga in the West?


Spoken english, yoga, sanskrit classes for Tsunami kids · Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and God

Experience of the Breath and Restorative Practice Retreat


Developing a Self-Practice



In India, at least 20 percent of the thousands of people who come to see me each day are teetering on the edge of destitution and suicide.

Sanatana Dharma teaches us that the creation and the Creator are not two but one. Nature is a visible form of God. Our birth-mother might carry us for two ...

There are hundreds of millions of us practicing yoga worldwide. Imagine what would happen if we came together for one common goal.

Indian Express Article on June 21st 2016

Amma said of the group, “They have come to the ashram with the attitude of asking what they can do for society.”


Several organizations also approached Mata Amritanandamayi Math for support to celebrate IDY events at their premises. IISER-TVM Indian Institute of Science ...

Amma has taught us simplicity, humility and service

Amritapuri, The Abode of Amma


I jotted down eight of the points that the Administrator [of the United Nations Development Program, Helen Clark] referred to in our Looking Forward to 2030 ...

About Amrita Yoga




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The Kane County Connect local paper ran an article about Amma's visit, saying “What's perhaps most amazing about her visit here is that she spends time and ...

Seeking Your Guru: A History of Gurus in the West + 6 Bits of Advice for the Seeker

National level trainers camp for AYUDH and IAM

At the mere thought of Lord Sri Krishna, we feel an overwhelming joy arise within us. Even though it has been 5,000 years since the Lord incarnated on earth ...

Amma in Boston

Amma in Santa Fe

group yoga meditation

Benefits of Surya Namaskarah Practice

Transcending the Physical Asana Practice

ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ...

Goody Award to Amma

Amma's first visit to Atlanta

Sunil Mishra, age thirty-seven, from Bihar, said he was very inspired by the Hatha Yoga classes he attended as part of the program in the Ashram.


No one knows how much time we have remaining in this human birth. Death is just a step behind each one of us. This precious birth should not be squandered ...

Amma Graces 50th Anniversary of The United Nations 1995

During the retreat, there were meditation classes, talks with the Swamis, IAM classes, and a question and answer session with Amma. At the Q&A session, ...

At 10.30 pm Amma joined the session again with a new set of Shiva bhajans. Addressing the devotees Amma said: “Among all the God concepts of Sanatana Dharma ...

MAM has taken up the project of building toilets for 1200 families in Kochi who don't have these facilities. Free toilets will be built for the poor, ...


Mata Amritanandamayi Math Appointed by the Ministry of AYUSH and MDNIY


Feeling very connected with Nature, I am sensitive to these more introverted, darker days. While Nature has gone within, I feel inspired to do the same.


Native Americans Singing

Real Source of Joy is Within Us – A Visit to Amritapuri Amrita Yoga



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Gandhi King Award

St St Johns Cathedral

Amma was officially welcomed at the venue by the Mayor of Cochi, Tony Chammany. Also assembled to meet Amma were: Hibi Eden, MLA; Justice Padmanabhan Nair; ...

Speaking on the occasion Amma said, “For those who are immersed in myriad thoughts of worldly life, all holy days are occasions to remember the God, ...

International Yoga day celebrations at Amrita Institutions

“Shivaratri is set aside for his remembrance—the Supreme Lord Siva. We should pay attention to two converse sides of Siva. One side, we see him seated in ...

Amma. Autumn Vibes: The Toasts of the Season


An interview with Ashtanga Yoga expert Kino MacGregor on how yoga helped her move through depression and suffering to inner freedom.

Amma: For Amma, all of you are my angels. There is an angel

What is God realization and why is it our goal? Read on at parvatimagazine.